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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cafe Elixir, Wanneroo

After seeing its ratings on Urbanspoon and being told by many how great the breakfasts were, D & I ventured to Cafe Elixir one Saturday. Just to note, Elixir serves an ALL DAY BREAKFAST.

Boy was I dissapointed. I may usually start off with some positives of a cafe and finalise with pointing out what I didn't like or what I would have prefered but this, this was a nightmare.

After walking in we were told it was a 10-15 minute wait for a table, no problems as we didn't have a booking. We sat on the side and waited patiently (no one else was waiting), we see a table free up and with no help from the waitress we sit down there anyway as people were coming in and we didn't want it taken. After waiting a short while we made our orders and were told it was going to be at least 15 minutes until our drinks would come out and a further 30 minutes until the food comes out.

After waiting around an hour, a ridiculous amount of time for our meals (even to the point we asked the waitress where they were), I was excited to dig in and fill up my now growling stomach. The complaint from D came first, but it was yet to be the final of the morning.

His poached eggs on toast were so undercooked they disappeared the moment a knife slightly touched them, into his already very thin bread and became a yolk/white spread, none of which was tasty and most certainly could not fill you up.

As I cut into my eggs, I instantly realised I was to be disappointed too. No, both of my eggs were not undercooked, only one was and the other was so overcooked it was completely hard and not tasty at all.

I looked around to notice other reactions from patrons, I wasn't surprised, one man sitting near us picked up his piece of bacon (which looked extremely undercooked) and threw it on his plate shaking his head, seems we weren't the only ones with terrible food and service.

Just when I think it couldn't get any worse I find a massive chunk of eggshell in my breakfast. How this even happens nowadays, I have no idea. The lack of care about the meals was so obvious, the thing that bugs me about some cafes is how they cram in as many people as they can to make money, but that's when the service and food falls well below par. We informed the waitress when she collected our plates and said she would speak to the owner when we come up to pay.

The one positive thing about my breakfast, the beans. These homemade beans were cooked so well and with the perfect amount of spices that it wasn't overpowering for breakfast but not quite too subtle either. A great combination. The hashbrowns were nice but broke away the moment you touched them.

As we went up to pay the owner asked "why didn't we send the meals back?" I politely replied that we had been waiting so long for our food we weren't going to send it back to wait even longer. He basically said "you know you wouldn't have to wait so long if you sent something back," in a completely rude tone but ended up charging us only $20 in total, which was decent of him, but expected also. Just a note, being cocky and rude is not a way to win back customers who have had a terrible experience at your cafe.

On a side note, due to working very close to this cafe now, I recently went for a takeaway soy chai latte. It was so disgusting I threw it out halfway through. Just to let everyone know, I would never usually do this. I usually get the most for my money, but this latte was undrinkable. It was lumpy the entire way through with chai latte powder because someone was obviously too lazy to mix it properly. Plus the cups are ridiculously small for the price they charge.

I won't ever go back to Elixir, but I'd like to know your thoughts if you've been, comment below!

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