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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sayers, Leederville

Oh there's no denying how much I adore Sayers. It's simply the cutest place with such incredible food and the presentation far exceeds any other cafe I have been to around Perth, so far. You really have to be lucky to get a spot on a Sunday morning, it's quite popular and I've had to dine elsewhere sometimes.

On this particular morning I was all about the museli. What I loved so much about it is it really tasted homemade. Chunky whole nuts scattered throughout, delicious seeds and oats and served with a jar of greek yoghurt & compote of blueberries and milk in its own old fashioned mini bottle!

 Darryn had some perfectly poached eggs with a side of Sayer's beans and toasted ciabatta bread. Their toast could possibly be one of the best I've ever tasted and it's all finished off with a drizzle of some fine olive oil - which he loves, so that's a bonus!
If you haven't been, you're more than missing out - you're wasting your tastebuds!

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Milk and Honey, Northbridge

Generally, heading into Northbridge on a Saturday morning isn't actually the most delightful place - if you are going along the main strip where the trash from the night before is still lingering. It is, however, full of cute breakfast places. Just out of the main clubbing area are some perfect cafes, but right on James Street there is one I had never really noticed, called Milk and Honey.

It has a real open and airy feel about it, with a menu that's just enough without being over complicated but showcasing enough variety.

Ashie & I met there one sunny Saturday for pancakes, eggs and as always a catch up!

I had a mushroom omelette, this was huge, sometimes omelette's can be a little dry due to the nature of how well cooked the eggs are, this was borderline but still delicious. The balsamic glaze and fresh rocket reallly made it stand out from anything bland and the toast was perfectly crisp but soft inside!

Ashie's pancakes looked simply adorable! They were quite thin and not too many which didn't take on that stogey feel some pancakes do, I'd say they were more in between a crepe and a pancake. They were covered with fresh strawberries, banana and a strawberry compote with cream, yum yum.

I also ordered a freshly squeezed juice, it really was delicious - as you can tell I managed to drink some before taking the photo!

I think there are many other places to explore before I head back, but it was definitely a lovely breakfast. Their menu might have changed but here's one I took at the time.
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