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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bay 33, Waterman's Bay

Seeing as Wild Fig closed up shop and moved to Scarborough I was insanely anxious to see the finished product of the new cafe taking its place, Bay 33.

The design of Bay 33 looks absolutely wonderful with its light blue decor. It's fresh and appealing and perfect for a spot right on the ocean. I still wonder why they haven't painted over the horrible pink colour on the outside of the building though... it would be a hell of a lot more attractive if they did! Regardless of that, it looks amazing inside and out in the al fresco area too! (decor pics from bay33's website)

Both up for a simple meal, we ordered poached eggs with a side of hashbrowns. I love the fact on the menu if you want an omelette you can choose three fillings you like, perfect if you are fussy!

It took a little bit to order and a while to come out but it was very busy, I'm quite sure every seat was taken as we saw people be turned away when entering. The plates came out and didn't look like the nicest presentation in the world, the poached eggs weren't all collected together but the whites were cooked and the egg perfectly runny, the hasbrowns were nice and the sourdough toast - always a pleaser. They were all a little cold, including my Chai Latte, but definitely delightful.

All the staff are friendly and happy to help find you a seat when they are busy. The menu is varied and should satisfy all sorts of breakfast munchers! I know I'll always come back, there's no real reason not to.

Check out their website for the menu!

On a side note: Yes, this is a breakfast blog, but I also dine out for other meals of the day! One in particular I took my mum to Bay 33 for lunch (back in April!) and it was so delicious I simply have to tell you all anyway. We ordered a whole range of starters to share salmon crepes (for mum only), as she explained, were one of the most delicious things she has ever tasted. As a big smoked salmon fan already, they were served cold and absolutely perfect!

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

White Salt, Sorrento

Even though it is a local, I've always steered away from going to White Salt for breakfast, simply because I know how expensive the dinners are. But alas, the aim to head to Voyage was disrupted due to the fact they sat us, gave us menus, walked back with water then decided to tell us they aren't serving any of the breakfast  menu due to renovations... extremely irritating considering they could have told us that as we walked in? So, instead of driving off we decided to at least look at the White Salt menu and were pleasantly surprised at the resonable price.

As we walked in we were welcomed by friendly staff, given a nice seat and told of the free toast bar. YES, FREE TOAST! Basically, different New Norcia breads are laid out - even a beautiful fruit and nut bread - on a table at the back of the restaurant where you can go and make your own toast, as much as you want and there was also free filter coffee... no cups though?

D decided on his staple poached eggs on toast and a side of hashbrowns which came out beautifully cooked and looked lovely.

I chose to get the spring onion omelette which was filled with spring onion, tomato and cheddar cheese with a fresh rocket salad. This was without a doubt the biggest omelette I had ever seen, literally the size of the entire plate but it was flipped and there was no way I could finish - especially after grabbing a piece of toast from the toast bar. It was extremely delicious though, the eggs weren't overcooked and the freshness of the rocket was amazing. I am not a huge fan of tomatoes but they were chopped up to a perfect size and complemented the eggs well. I'm also not a massive fan of fried foods and the hasbrowns were a little oily for me but slightly different to the packet ones that you seem to get at most places so they were nice. If you get the omellete, don't order sides!

It was a rainy day, but I love nothing more than the beach in winter so sitting inside and watching the rain over the ocean made for a perfect morning at White Salt.

Check out their website for all the details!

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Cnr, Northbridge

One morning we decided to head to the city for awhile to shop around and what a better idea than head in there for some breakfast!

After much deliberation and not-really-deciding-at-all for where to go, we chose to just drive to Northbridge then walk around until we found somewhere! Honestly, sometimes this is the best way to find hidden secret but delicious places.

Walking through Northbridge lead us to the main piazza area and hidden at the back of it was a cafe that looked beyond suitable for our breakfast needs - Cnr (corner). As a vegetarian, places that cater for vegans are always a major plus - Cnr even provides some meal as raw vegan, so big props in that department!

The moment we walked in I absolutely adored the feel of the place, we sat on comfortable mis matched chairs which were comfortable and totally different to a normal table and seat setting. The 'table' was indeed very tiny, which is fine if you are just getting coffee but for two plates of breakfast it ended up being a big squashed!

The decor is super cool a real warehouse feeling without looking tacky and awesome signs all around.

My meal came out a little cold and I wasn't overly impressed with it. The fried eggs were overdone, small yolks and the hollindase had a thick layer on top like it had been sitting there for awhile. The avocado was perfectly ripe and the toast was delicious, so I made sure every bite included all bits from the plate and it tasted pretty good.

Generally I'm always happy with my selections but I definitely wish I had D's. I tasted the mushrooms and they were a perfect size and super delicious, the side of beans looked amazing - but again a little cold.

I would definitely recommend grabbing a yummy fresh juice (sorry for the blurry pic!)

I wasn't discouraged though, I left with some takeaway macaroons - who could resist?! And I will definitely be back to give it another go - I have a feeling lunch here would be something worth talking about. They have a pretty average no-real-information website but you can find them on Facebook where it is a bit livelier.

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Friday, 15 June 2012

Crepe Cherie, Claremont

Sometimes when you have a food craving, nothing with suffice until that particular craving has been satisfied. I woke up one morning and realised I absolutely had to have pancakes for breakfast/probably brunch by the time I got out of bed. There was limited discussion about making our own and then came to a realisation of how much better crepes are than pancakes and that was it, it had to be done!

If you a looking for a crepe, it has to be one made perfect and delicious so we decided to head all the way to Claremont to Crepe Cherie!

The extensive menu of crepe delights make it very difficult to chose which one to have and I love that they also have savoury options for those not wishing to give in to their suguary side.

The place is simply adorable and the wait staff we had spoke French, or put it on, I'm not sure, but they all seemed authentic and wore striped shirts to complement the French theme. I went inside to grab some water from the jugs and watched the crepe artist at work, it really is a quick process and a skill that must be mastered to perfection in order to created a wonderful crepe!

D went for the Madeline, a classic Nutella and banana combination that I actually remember eating a fair amount of whilst I was in Europe, I definitely had a bite and it was simply delicious and I know he enjoyed every last bite.

I went a little more out there, it's not like me to crave anything sweet and perhaps I went a bit overboard but I still back up my choice! I ordered the Brigitte, which was crepe with cooked pears and chocolate fudge. You can add ice-cream for $1 or cream for 50c and seeing as we were making the most of it we both included some vanilla ice-cream with our brunch. There was nothing beating it, the cool, clean taste broke up the intensity of the chocolate fudge just perfectly and really made it a stand out dish.

I would definitely make the Claremont trip again if I ever feel an intense urge for sweet deliciousness!

Check out Crepe Cherie's adorable website where you can find the menu Crepe Cherie on Urbanspoon