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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Kinky Lizard Swell, Scarborough

Of course a Sunday morning rolls around (a few weeks ago now) and we decide to try to go to Voyage... again, with no such luck, again... It was so packed and nearly 11ish (it was going to be a 15 minute wait) so we decided to head off to the new Wild Fig Cafe in Scarborough. Once we got there, we were faced with the same issue... 15 minute wait and by then, breakfast was going to be over. Hungry and cranky I started frantically searching for another cafe to go to, super focused because D & I were starving and found one just up Brighton Road called Kinky Lizard. I decided to give them a call and see what time breakfast stopped serving as there was no point just rocking up after 11... Luckily for us - it's ALL DAY BREAKFAST on the weekends! Pretty sure the guy laughed at me when I squealed in excitement and told him we would be there soon. Oh well, better to be excited right?!

This place is an absolute suburban hidden treasure and I can't believe I didn't discover it until now. I had the vego breakfast, a big brekkie filled with sourdough toast, truss tomatoes, mushroom, avocado, spinach and poached eggs. It was incredible. The food was all cooked perfectly and the freshness of the produce and ingredients was beyond what I had expected! Each aspect complemented the other well and it was extremely satisfying.

It took a bit of convincing, but D decided to go try a sweet breakfast instead of the usual savoury. Sometimes there is that moment where a plate of food is served in front of you and it doesn't just look like the tastiest concoction you've ever imagined, but it actually looks like a work of art too. D's ricotta hotcakes were just that. Perfectly fluffy, a perfect size, with delicate poached pears, doused in berry coulis and coconut marscarpone sitting on top.

This is perfection on a plate even to those who don't have a sweet tooth. 

We also orderded a green tea and a soy mocha, both went down and absolute treat and we didn't have to wait too long for them to come out. They have an awesome selection of goodies at the front counter too and an espresso bar in East Perth so check out their website!

I half really want everyone to go here to check out how incredible the food is, but the other half of me wants to keep this as Scarborough's secret treasure...

I would love for you guys to follow my blog and comment if you go to any of the places! :)

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Monday, 6 August 2012

Sayers Sister, Northbridge

It was an exciting moment when I heard Sayer's owners Mark & Steph were opening another cafe by the name of Sayers Sisters in Northbridge. Sayers has always been one of my favourite spots to breakfast/brunch at, so of course I had to head there the week it opened! I knew Saturday would be busy but headed in anyway, meeting my best friend Ash to try out this new little spot!

When I arrived the line was (as expected) out the door, but after only five or ten minutes we were seated outside and reading the delicious menu! As a walk up and pay before your meal kind of cafe, I would expect you could pay separately, considering one of us had to stay at the table to secure it. I've never been told we couldn't pay separately at Sayers in Leederville but alas the new cafe has a no separate billing rule. That was interesting and a bit confusing, however, they decided "just this one time" we could order that way which was much easier!

Heading in to order gave me an opportunity to admire the beautiful decor. Inside is set up with spots to sit along the side walls and a communal bench with high chairs in the middle, covered in lovely fresh flowers and hanging lights. There's also a little front outside area where we sat with some little outside tables and chairs. The cashier area is lined with tea pots and teas and baked goods you can purchase - very tempting!

Our drinks came out a little bit later, Ash ordering a coffee and me a pot of green tea. Both were disappointing. I'm not sure if they were just sitting there for ages, or if something is wrong with their hot water but they were both completely luke warm and really unenjoyable.

The meals took a long time to come out, but it wasn't really a big deal as we had a lot to catch up on, if you weren't in a lazy day frame of mind however, it probably was a bit too long. We did end up asking when our breakfast would be out, considering 45 minutes had passed but were assured they were the next order.

I ordered the poached eggs ($11) which came out perfectly cooked, delicate and delicious and after feeling like something fresh, ordered a side rocket & parmasen salad ($3) to go along with it. As much as I love this combination, it was almost ruined with far too much lemon. I am an absolute lover of lemon, lime and all things sour, but this was even a bit much for me! Lucky the eggs and toast were perfection...

 Ash's cinnamon and vanilla porridge with kumquat marmalade ($13.50) was insanely tasty (of course she let have a taste!) it was creamy and sweet and just the right amount. In true Sayers style it was presented in the cutest possible way. A little pot and a mini milk bottle - if you like extra milk on your porridge! Along with some honey on the side.

I would definitely head back to try again and suggest you try it out for yourselves, I would love to hear some comments on your experiences there, so write them below!

P.s. there's no menu on the normal Sayers website, or on their Facebook but someone has uploaded one to urbanspoon so check it out there!

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