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Friday, 19 August 2011

The Wild Fig Cafe, North Beach

The Wild Fig is about a two minute walk (if that) from my house, I've always loved the cafe because they do a vego night on Wednesdays and are all about fair trade. I've been to breakfast a few times here and although it's quite nice, I wouldn't say it was my favourite.

On Mother's Day I had plans in the night so I couldn't have dinner with mum, thus comes the decision for a morning walk and breakfast! My friend Nat says I talk to mum on the phone like she is my best friend, it made me laugh, we get along great and really love our girlie outings whether it's to the Ballet, movies or tea-for-two and cake!

Mum ordered the eggs on fire - fried eggs, bacon, spinach, spicy sun dried tomato potato cake, avocado and corn relish ($18.80) and really enjoyed her meal!

I had the wild veggie - scrambled eggs, roma tomatoes, field mushroom, baby spinach, goat's cheese, spicy tomato relish and olive toast. I adore goat's cheese for it's tarty and creaminess and think it's an essential component in any 'big' breakfast. The texture works perfectly. I'm not really a massive fan of cooked tomatoes and these made my plate soggy, thus running into the eggs and it really wasn't the best breakfast in the world but not bad either. The olive toast really is the star though, I'm all about savoury and this was just delicious.

Mum absolutely loves their fig toast - which is sourced from Lawley's bakery (delicious!) So we added that to our meals as a side dish. It really is quite spicy from the fennel but the flavour is just right when adding the fig jam. It's thick and toasted on the outside just right with a fluffy centre.

 This is my mum, no doubt she will hate this photo but I think it's cute because it was such a fun morning.

My old housemate and good friend Matt and his girlfiend Keryn used to go to Wild Fig quite a bit for breakfast because it's so close, every time without fail he has got the Grizzly Bear Pancakes ($18). Basically it's pancakes with bacon, eggs and maple syrup. I really don't like the idea of the sweet and savoury mix up, but they're his favourite and I think I've only heard of one time of them not being good!

I'd always come back, but probably not for breakfast. This place is perfect for coffee and cake whilst looking over the ocean I've had a brilliant Chai latte here (where they serve it in a bowl like the traditional way) and the cakes and brownies are simply delectable.

The Wild Fig now has another cafe in Swanborne called The Naked Fig, (because of the nudie beach I assume) so if you live more that way then check it out.

Their website for both restaurants has just been updated and is

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