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Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Dizzy Witch Cafe, Northbridge

Finding places that serve a heap of vegetarian food are few and far between in this city. Generally for breakfast, it isn't really an issue, but it's still nice to come across a place that is focused around free range, fresh produce and quality, whilst being adorable and not overcrowded. So welcome to The Dizzy Witch Cafe!

 Northbridge isn't exactly where you think to spend your Saturday morning, especially if you had been there the night before but there are some hidden gems once you head off the main drag and into the back streets. Ashleigh, Julia and I headed in to feast of something delicious. The best thing about this place is the names of the menu items. The actual cafe isn't decked out like a witch's house but they incorporate the theme through their menu (such as the Warlock's Last Meal which is a big breakfast) and it's simply enchanting.

I'm a sucker for a good soy chai latte and this delivered with creaminess, spiceness and that special warmth required down the back of your throat on a tired morning.

This is Ash's cappuccino, I can't remember her thoughts on it, but it looks pretty good!

Julia ordered the Vegetarian Wizard Meal ($19) which had scrambled eggs - (never, ever, gooey where Julia in concerned), toast, grilled roma tomato, avocado, mushrooms, potato rosti & wilted spinach. It looked pretty unbelievable and she gave us a try of the delicious rosti's which were definitely a winner.

I was without a doubt jealous of Ashleigh's breakfast. She ordered Dizzy’s Muesli ($9) it looked simply delicious and definitely home made as they suggest. So many nuts and grains and it came with a side of vanilla yoghurt, some milk and honey.

I opted to try something a bit different. I usually like to stick to similar tastes and nothing far too extreme for the morning but I decided to order the Moroccan Eggs ($15). It had fried eggs with home-made dukkah & hommus, mint, red onion & tomato relish on Turkish bread. I'm an absolute sucker for the crunchy, chewy and soft mixture of textures in Turkish bread so this was already ahead in my books. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the dukkah added even more texture that complemented the hommus and relish delightfully.


We didn't wait long for our food and the ambience is really lovely, I'll definitely head back sometime soon.

Check out their website:

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