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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sayers, Leederville

I've been to Sayers quite a few times, with quite a few different friends and each time I have been beyond pleased with not only the quality and freshness of the food, but also the service.
It's a cute little cafe in Leederville hidden next to The Garden on 244 Carr Street, but just because it's off Oxford Street doesn't mean it's quiet. Everytime you head there, it's a gamble as to whether you will get a seat or not, but given that, I've never missed out.

Here Anthony got the wagyu beef sausage baked egg, oven roasted tomato, spring onion & cheddar open omelette, lemon scented rocket ($19)

I loved the rustic feel of it being served in a pan and although it was a bit of a rocket overkill for Ant, he really enjoyed it. 

I had the most delicious meal of tomato & buffalo mozzarella tartlet, poached egg, rocket & spicy red pepper relish ($17.50)  I added an extra poached egg - because it was my birthday and I wanted to... The produce was so fresh which really made a difference to the taste, there was a little bit much of the cheese on the tart but the chutney and pesto worked wonders together and the eggs (free range of course!) were poached to perfection!

I enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate along with this meal which i would immediately hurry back for, it was served as warm milk with chocolate chips in a little side jug which once hit the milk melted into a delectable creamy, chocolatey taste. One of those little moments you like to savour...

The thing with Sayers is they change their menu all the time, so you can't get attached to a particular item. For months I was waiting for it to get a bit colder in order to try the cinnamon and vanilla porridge with rhubarb and ginger and now it is merely a menu memory.

I would without a doubt head back here!
Check out their website for the latest menu Sayers on Urbanspoon

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