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Monday, 18 June 2012

Cnr, Northbridge

One morning we decided to head to the city for awhile to shop around and what a better idea than head in there for some breakfast!

After much deliberation and not-really-deciding-at-all for where to go, we chose to just drive to Northbridge then walk around until we found somewhere! Honestly, sometimes this is the best way to find hidden secret but delicious places.

Walking through Northbridge lead us to the main piazza area and hidden at the back of it was a cafe that looked beyond suitable for our breakfast needs - Cnr (corner). As a vegetarian, places that cater for vegans are always a major plus - Cnr even provides some meal as raw vegan, so big props in that department!

The moment we walked in I absolutely adored the feel of the place, we sat on comfortable mis matched chairs which were comfortable and totally different to a normal table and seat setting. The 'table' was indeed very tiny, which is fine if you are just getting coffee but for two plates of breakfast it ended up being a big squashed!

The decor is super cool a real warehouse feeling without looking tacky and awesome signs all around.

My meal came out a little cold and I wasn't overly impressed with it. The fried eggs were overdone, small yolks and the hollindase had a thick layer on top like it had been sitting there for awhile. The avocado was perfectly ripe and the toast was delicious, so I made sure every bite included all bits from the plate and it tasted pretty good.

Generally I'm always happy with my selections but I definitely wish I had D's. I tasted the mushrooms and they were a perfect size and super delicious, the side of beans looked amazing - but again a little cold.

I would definitely recommend grabbing a yummy fresh juice (sorry for the blurry pic!)

I wasn't discouraged though, I left with some takeaway macaroons - who could resist?! And I will definitely be back to give it another go - I have a feeling lunch here would be something worth talking about. They have a pretty average no-real-information website but you can find them on Facebook where it is a bit livelier.

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