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Friday, 15 June 2012

Crepe Cherie, Claremont

Sometimes when you have a food craving, nothing with suffice until that particular craving has been satisfied. I woke up one morning and realised I absolutely had to have pancakes for breakfast/probably brunch by the time I got out of bed. There was limited discussion about making our own and then came to a realisation of how much better crepes are than pancakes and that was it, it had to be done!

If you a looking for a crepe, it has to be one made perfect and delicious so we decided to head all the way to Claremont to Crepe Cherie!

The extensive menu of crepe delights make it very difficult to chose which one to have and I love that they also have savoury options for those not wishing to give in to their suguary side.

The place is simply adorable and the wait staff we had spoke French, or put it on, I'm not sure, but they all seemed authentic and wore striped shirts to complement the French theme. I went inside to grab some water from the jugs and watched the crepe artist at work, it really is a quick process and a skill that must be mastered to perfection in order to created a wonderful crepe!

D went for the Madeline, a classic Nutella and banana combination that I actually remember eating a fair amount of whilst I was in Europe, I definitely had a bite and it was simply delicious and I know he enjoyed every last bite.

I went a little more out there, it's not like me to crave anything sweet and perhaps I went a bit overboard but I still back up my choice! I ordered the Brigitte, which was crepe with cooked pears and chocolate fudge. You can add ice-cream for $1 or cream for 50c and seeing as we were making the most of it we both included some vanilla ice-cream with our brunch. There was nothing beating it, the cool, clean taste broke up the intensity of the chocolate fudge just perfectly and really made it a stand out dish.

I would definitely make the Claremont trip again if I ever feel an intense urge for sweet deliciousness!

Check out Crepe Cherie's adorable website where you can find the menu Crepe Cherie on Urbanspoon


  1. I don't know HOW or WHY I have never been to this place, but oh my god I have to go! They look amazing. Thanks for the crepe craving! ;) x

  2. The word crêpe is coming from the Latin crispa, which means “curled”, and refers to a type of really thin pancake. Crêpes are usually cooked with wheat flour. It is completely flat and usually have a filling or spread. In addition, crêpes are entirely unleavened, while standard pancakes do have a leavener of some kind. Although, in terms of origin, one could argue that they are just the French way of reproducing the German pancake