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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bay 33, Waterman's Bay

Seeing as Wild Fig closed up shop and moved to Scarborough I was insanely anxious to see the finished product of the new cafe taking its place, Bay 33.

The design of Bay 33 looks absolutely wonderful with its light blue decor. It's fresh and appealing and perfect for a spot right on the ocean. I still wonder why they haven't painted over the horrible pink colour on the outside of the building though... it would be a hell of a lot more attractive if they did! Regardless of that, it looks amazing inside and out in the al fresco area too! (decor pics from bay33's website)

Both up for a simple meal, we ordered poached eggs with a side of hashbrowns. I love the fact on the menu if you want an omelette you can choose three fillings you like, perfect if you are fussy!

It took a little bit to order and a while to come out but it was very busy, I'm quite sure every seat was taken as we saw people be turned away when entering. The plates came out and didn't look like the nicest presentation in the world, the poached eggs weren't all collected together but the whites were cooked and the egg perfectly runny, the hasbrowns were nice and the sourdough toast - always a pleaser. They were all a little cold, including my Chai Latte, but definitely delightful.

All the staff are friendly and happy to help find you a seat when they are busy. The menu is varied and should satisfy all sorts of breakfast munchers! I know I'll always come back, there's no real reason not to.

Check out their website for the menu!

On a side note: Yes, this is a breakfast blog, but I also dine out for other meals of the day! One in particular I took my mum to Bay 33 for lunch (back in April!) and it was so delicious I simply have to tell you all anyway. We ordered a whole range of starters to share salmon crepes (for mum only), as she explained, were one of the most delicious things she has ever tasted. As a big smoked salmon fan already, they were served cold and absolutely perfect!

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