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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Attic, Fremantle

Hidden down a small street in Fremantle, off the main drag, in a place of wooden architecture, lies The Attic. Unfortunately, heading to Freo for breakfast is few and far between when you live so north of the river, so D and I made the most of a day out down there, starting with something delectiable.

When you walk into The Attic, you automatically feel the chilled vibe and great ambiance. We were hungry so looked through the menu and ordered at the till prior to finding a cosy spot to sit . As we walked up the stairs we were delighted to find a corner table with comfy couches and a decent size coffee table so we could eat in comfort. The little window above us, looking outside was just gorgeous!

The design of The Attic is just adorable, vintage yet not trying to hard and you just feel comfortable. The addition of a hanging vintage suitcases in the middle of the ceiling was adorable and looked intracate and amazing.

D & I both ordered the scrambled eggs and it was incredible to see how perfect they were. The eggs were the creamiest and fluffiest, I believe, I have ever tasted, and a big enough serving that wasn't too over the top, but not going to keep your stomach grumbling. The addition of fresh rocket to any meal, for me, just takes a dish to a-whole-nother level. The crispy, peppery flavour combined with creamy scrambled eggs and crunchy delectiable rye toast is out of this world!

As we were heading off to spend our day in Fremantle, I had to double back and buy a strawberry and white chocolate muffin from the counter. It was absolutely heavenly! Rustic and delicious with every single mouthful. Everyone needs to stop by here at least once - and if you live close by, you have absolutely no excuse!

Oh did I mention it's all day breakfast? Yeah... enough said.

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