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Monday, 8 April 2013

Source Foods, Highgate

A breakfast date is always the best way to start a Sunday, even if you've had no sleep! I was so excited to see my good friend Clare and it's a tradition of ours to always meet up for breakfast.

Hunting around for something new, I stumbled upon Source Foods in Highgate. As a vegetarian finding a cafe that is sustainable, vegan friendly and sources fresh local, organic, free range produce is pure heaven! It's also somewhere that I want to support and want everyone else to as well!

Lucky for me their food was a delight on top of all the great things they do and there's also loads of gluten free options.

I ordered the Spinach Feta Scramble ($17) and a berry smoothie ($6.50). The eggs were light and fluffy  with a good amount of feta that didn't make them too salty, just right and added that little something extra. I'm a huge spinach fan, cooked, uncooked, english or baby and I loved how it was slightly cooked and put on top rather than mixed through the eggs, it had a good irony taste which I definitely enjoy. All this comes with two pieces of toast and left me well and truly satisfied especially once I devoured my smoothie.

The staff were super lovely and even though they did accidentally bring out a chocolate smoothie (which looked great but not what I had in mind with my breakfast), they returned with my berry one as soon as it was made and it was certainly worth the wait.

Clare ordered the regular scrambled eggs ($12.50), which looked just as tasty and a big serve along with a vanilla smoothie which she said was so yummy.

We both adored how they served them in jars with a straw, it looked really cute and suited the cafe. It was really easy to get a seat, we got there at 9.30am and it didn't get too busy, most of the seats were taken by the time we were eating but it isn't a cafe where they squash in a million tables and chairs to get more customers, something that gets a big tick from me!

Check out their website or just pop in because I know you won't regret it! I think I may just try out their wraps for lunch one day and I know I'll be back for breakfast again soon.

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